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Boyfriend Dungeon is just a sim/dungeon that is dating hybrid where your companion can become a t l <a href=""></a>, then you definitely fight with them… literally

Kitfox Games’ Boyfriend Dungeon may appear odd, however the dungeon crawler/dating sim simply works

How can you spend time? If you are a millennial you are probably overindulging on avocado toast, and people of us in gen Z are eating tide pods or saying ‘yeet’ in excess. But if you’re in Verona Beach you will invest your leisure time doing one thing quite… different either you are busy slaying monsters in dungeons or turning out to be a t l your self and getting used to slay monsters. Wait, wait, hear me away. That is the premise for Kitfox Games’ brand new title Boyfriend Dungeon, which can be part dating sim, and component dungeon crawler. Oh, plus you date your t ls. Believe me, it really works.

Combat with your lover

Some humans have the peculiar power to turn into weapons, while others fight monsters in nightclubs, shopping malls, and other places to get a bit of extra cash in the world of Boyfriend Dungeon. Naturally, it’s a g d idea of these two kinds of individuals to form teams, that is what you will do in Boyfriend Dungeon. Often you will try using times during the park, or at a bubble tea stand, and your beloved shall develop into a t l and also you tackle a dungeon using them, levelling up alongside each other. Seems crazy, yes, but having played it without a doubt that the 2 halves associated with game seamlessly mesh together; getting nearer to a specific partner in the dating section of Boyfriend Dungeon not merely progresses their storyline, but in addition gets you techniques to deal more damage or better make use of your skills when you l k at the dungeons. keep reading