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Brother watches porn in the front of younger sibling. Exactly what can I Really Do?

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Dear Straight Talk Wireless: Im 15. I share an area with my brother that is 17-year-old because mother can simply manage two rooms. We’ve a computer within our space and Ive noticed him evaluating pornographic web web web sites as he doesnt realize Im attention that is paying.

He’s got never ever tried such a thing intimate I dont think he would, but it makes me nervous sharing a room when hes looking at stuff like this with me and. Ive stopped undressing in the front of him now improvement in the restroom. I dont want to obtain him in big trouble by telling our mother. Exactly what do I Actually Do? Nervous Sister, Toledo, Ohio

Katelyn, 16, Huntington Beach: Be frank along with your bro. Simply tell him it is maybe maybe not healthier and you are made by it nervous. If he does not listen, inform your mother.

Elise, 19, Fair Oaks: It is perhaps not fine to feel uncomfortable in your home that is own your bed room. keep reading