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If spoken to in class, he chastises Kris for being late and says he is already partnered with all the 2nd student that is smartest, implying that he’s the smartest.

Hometown NPCs

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Berdly is arrogant and sarcastic. He vehemently doesn’t desire to assist Kris in the class’s group project, disparaging Kris’s abilities and arguing he actually wants to obtain an the grade. He contends vehemently whenever his partner, Noelle, asks Alphys for permission to let Kris join them and work out group of three.

After college, Berdly works as a volunteer assistant during the Librarby. If spoken to there, he congratulates Kris on surviving Susie, sarcastically offering a discount on their “family financial obligation” of 2583 days of overdue fines for How to Draw Dragons. The hospital, Kris apparently requests him to go by the hospital window, presumably so that Noelle’s dad can throw something at him if addressed after Kris visits. Berdly declines the offer.


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Character Information

First Appearance


  • Jockington (academic partner)
  • Catty (older cousin)
  • Dad Cat (father)
  • Unnamed mom

Catti met Jockington within their very first gymnasium class, on Hula H p Day, whenever college ran away from hula h ps for them and she utilized him alternatively. keep reading